The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (PlayStation 4) Co-Op Information –


Go on an adventure to save your forest!

In a dusty grimoire, the wizard Gargamel just put his hands on the formula of an evil plant: the VILEAF.

This plant produces “VILETRAP” seeds, which can attract and imprison Smurfs… but these VILETRAP plants are also a great danger for the forest, as they are TOXIC, especially for the sarsaparilla fields!

PAPA SMURF decides to ask some of hi…….

Strange “Moon Glow” Caused by Levitating Dust – Scientific American

A new study may explain how dust particles on the moon “levitate” just above the surface, even though there is no wind or flowing water on the moon to kick-up the material. 

In a recent laboratory study, researchers found that micron-size dust particles could “jump” several centimeters high under ultraviolet (UV) radiation or exposure to plasmas (electrically charged gas), said a statement from NASA. This finding may…….

Engineering Topnotcher Uses a Car Battery to Study for 1 Month – GineersNow

This civil engineering student got hit by typhoon Odette hard but still managed to top the board exam. They have no electricity for one month, so this engineering topnotcher uses a car battery to study. He never gives up, he never quit, because real engineers persevere!


There are some things in life that we have no control over, but that doesn’t mean that we let them get in the way of chasing our drea…….

WATCH | Scientist Uses Ice To Boil Water, Makes Discovery That Adds To 18th Century Principle – ABP Live

New Delhi: Can you imagine ice being used to boil water? Well, a researcher from Virginia Tech, a research university in Virginia, United States, has just done that.

Montaba Edalatpour, a graduate fellow, along with Jonathan Boreyko, Associate Professor at Virginia Tech, has made a discovery about the properties of water that could add to a phenomenon established over 200 years ago, in the 18th century. 

The study wa…….